Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New version of Firefox complete with the Social API

Today we are shipping a new version of Firefox complete with the Social API and a preview of our first integration with Facebook. The uptake during Beta was great and we got lots of feedback.  We will be staging our promotion and marketing as we monitor adoption from our GA users and watch their feedback.  You will see progressively more marketing activity over the coming months. We are also working with other providers, and will have multi-provider support in Firefox soon.

Getting this far has been a great team effort.  Adding another open API to our platform, which will allow many players to innovate, is exciting.  If you are like me, your behavior in the browser has evolved over the last few years - we spend a lot more time on certain tabs than we use to.  Pinned tabs was a first expression of this.  The Social API takes this a step further, and allows high usage sites to put relevant information closer to your fingertips.  I hope we see email, news, and finance services implemented this way as well.  Of course, as we get more partners, the requirements on the API will change, and the product will evolve.

Thanks to all the teams for the efforts in getting this feature to launch; it has been a great cross-group effort.  We have a lot more work to do to make it successful, and will be working closely with our partners as they roll out services on the API.  Having the API in Firefox is a great start, but the real success will come from services our users find truly compelling; the Facebook Messenger integration is excellent, and puts us on the right path.

You can check out the announcement on the Mozilla blog here.

Congratulations team!


  1. Cool. Somebody reinvented Flock. Just a bit later.

  2. It's cool. I'm using Chrome now. I have the official Facebook Notifications app. I don't see much differences besides Chat and an easy share button.. Is there something here that Chrome can't theoretically do?

  3. this is not a addon, this is a feature which is just started with Facebook, hope soon we will support more site like twitter, myspace etc

  4. I currently have Facebook installed via the Social API and I cannot figure out how to remove it.

    it's also extremely confusing to define what it is. Is it an app, an extension a plug-in, a cookie with login information? Have I entered my facebook credentials in Firefox? If so, how do I remove them? Am I logged into facebook now constantly?

  5. its not an addon, please follow this article to know how to remove Facebook Messenger

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  7. It's great news!
    Now by using this one, any one can get instant Facebook updates, Comments and images with the help of toolbar.