Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2 Years, Mozilla and Me

Almost 2 years ago, I started contributing on Mozilla, previously i start testing software on Symantec and Kaspersky lab but those product are close source, so its kinda tough for me for handeling all open bugs, submitting bugs etc, i was submit almost 10-15 bugs during beta testing but i had never know the progress if the bugs were accepted, rejected or other! suddenly i go to Help>About Firefox windows to update my Firefox.


Sound Interesting? Get Involved!
That lines, changed my motto from close source to open source, I saw the contributer signup form and filled with QA and User support as area of interest, David Boswell contacted me and helped me a lot to get involved, he helped me to understand how mailing list, QA, SUMO, Bugzilla and other basic things work, and by step by step, i got a huge knowledge regarding Firefox, and Testing, Nowadays I write Knowledge base article about Firefox, and provide user support over twitter, facebook and support forum, also I participate on QA Testday and try to submit new bugs. Mozilla has changed my life, and I am start Loving Internet :)