Friday, May 31, 2013

Flashing new rom in Geeksphone Keon/Peak

Lots of user is looking for a handy tutorial to flash new rom to there geeksphone, so here i am writing a post about flashing new rom on geeksphone keon/peak.

we have two type of ROMS

  • Stable:
    • The stable versions (also called final releases) are intended for normal, everyday use. Stable versions receive extensive testing from the community prior to release. In the lead up to an official release, code development slows down to focus on fixing bugs found by the testing community and to avoid introducing new problems. If any critical bugs are found at the last minute, then they may delay the official release. To obtain the latest stable release.

  • Nightly:
    • Nightly builds are usually come every night, but may be less frequent if there are no changes to the code, or the builder is unable to create a build that day. The nightly builds are intended for testing only. Nightly builds are often created automatically, so you may be the first human to test a particular build. Occasionally, even basic functionality may be broken. To obtain the latest nightly,

By request here you can get the latest stable image.

In the file name you can see the date of compilation, and the heads of gaia and gecko.

Bear in mind that this image is from master branch and could be (very) buggy. We will try to help with this image, but we only fully support stable images.

How to flash your GeeksPhone Keon or Peak?

1) Make sure you have at least 50% of battery remaining. This is important, because if your phone switch off while updating, maybe you will need to RMA it.
2) With the phone not connected by usb, go to Settings, Device Information, More Information, Developer and check on Remote Debugging.
3) Download and unzip it. Remember where you downloaded it, because you will need it later.
4) Use a usb cable to connect it to your computer. If you are using Windows, maybe it will ask for install some drivers. If drivers are not found by Windows Update, you can use the folder that you unzip in step 3.
5) Download the needed image.  Make sure that you download the image needed by your device (keon or peak).
6) Unzip the image in a folder, enter the folder and execute the script. is for Linux, Flash.bat is for Windows and is for Machintosh (you need android sdk).
7) Wait until the device reboots and get the First Time Setup.

If you have any problem, post it in the Geeksphone forums or you can directly ping me.

Good Luck and Happy Testing :)


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  3. Hey Swarnava! This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing the links and the steps. =)