Thursday, November 14, 2013

Firefox UX build sees new Australis improvements

Months and months ago, the Firefox developers announced the start on working on Australis, essentially, a completely new theme for Firefox that is to be expressed on multiple levels and components of Firefox.
Basically, Australis introduces (work in progress) rounded tabs with an immediately noticeable beauty, as well as several eyecandy elements, bundle of Australis additions bringing solid interface enhancements to the powerful web-browser.
Presently, Australis is being put together piece by piece in Firefox's UX branch (development version aimed at containing experimental visual-wise features), UX branch seeing across the latest months new interesting visual improvements, especially related to the customization area.
Launching the UX branch and hitting the top-right's 3-lines button, summons its attached panel, where multiple monochrome-enabled icons are properly exposed with readable identities and clickable nature.
Moreover, the attached dialog's bottom area received colored buttons, allowing the user to more easily observe and access the actual customization area; clicking on Customize, opens the eyecandy interface where the user is to add and/or remove items to/from one side to another (for example, the user can drag & drop icons from the left side to the right side, items then being available on the attached panel, and thus clickable and usable).

The view has seen during the latest weeks various improvements and optimizations, becoming a more and more pleasant-to-the-eye,--yet retaining usability, user-friendliness and ease of use--, area where Firefox can be tweaked accordingly.

Firefox's UX build is available for download and testing on

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